AI Songbook™ - first Songbook ever composed by AI

First ever Songbook consisting of tracks composed completely by Artificial Intelligence Composer, using input data as the Source of Inspiration.

In October 2019 for the first time in the history of mankind compositions from this Songbook were re-arranged and played live during solo concerts by an American piano virtuoso Brayden Drevlow.

These concerts showcased another significant result of the Human-Computer Creative Collaboration.

Currently Brayden Drevlow is the only authorized performer to re-arrange and play AI Songbook™.

AI Songbook™ is composed by the Musical Blockchain™ – first psychology-based AI Music Composer with an innovative way for psychology-based data-inspired (Source of Inspiration-relevant) melodic sequence composition, sound generation, data-driven digital art and visuals generation, new fundamentals for computer-based Decentralized Improvisation™.
In October 2018 Musical Blockchain™ became the first AI Composer signed to a record label.

This unique AI composer have no analogues in the world yet.

Creative AI showcase: AI Songbook™ – brought to you by the FAYR Ecosystem.
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